Checking Accounts

Share Draft Checking Options:

*Best Option - Kasasa Cash or Kasasa Cash Back 

Choose your FREE reward checking from two amazing products 

Kasasa Cash is a Share Draft account that is based on High Earnings!  

Kasasa Cash Back is a Share Draft account that gives you CASH BACK on everyday purchases!

Both options include also include ATM withdrawal fee REFUNDS - nationwide with all the benefits of a regular Share Draft Checking included.

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Share Draft Checking

Our Share Draft Checking1 has no minimum deposit or balance requirements, making it easy to maintain. With our debit card or personal checks, you can effortlessly access the funds in your account on the go.

With our Share Draft Checking, there are no limits to the number of checks you can write each month as funds allow. Canceled checks are not returned, but copies are available free of charge through our WEPCO PAL Plus online account access. Converted checks, which are checks that are processed as automatic withdrawals, are not available online, but a copy can be requested.

WEPCO is partnered with the Deluxe Corporations to offer our members high-quality checks at an affordable price!  Click the following link to start your order:

Additional Senior Member Benefits

For our members who are age 60 or older and who have set up direct deposit with us, we offer special checks FREE of charge!

1 A member who is under the age of 18 can open a checking account if there is an adult on the account whom takes full financial responsibility for the account.  Checks can only be ordered if the minor is 16 or older and requires two signatures.  

Additional Services for Share Draft Accounts

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay2 will be added to your checking account 60 days after the opening date, if the account is in good standing. 

This service allows WEPCO to pay an item presented for payment against your account, even if it causes the account to become overdrawn. While it is not an invitation to overdraw your account, it is an added layer of safety should you accidentally present items for more than you have in your account, or an error causes the account to become overdrawn. If you overdraw your account, we may pay each item up to the $500 limit3. Your account will be assessed a Courtesy Pay fee for each item we pay against an overdrawn account.

If you have established other overdraft protection methods, such as a line of credit or automatic transfer from your other account(s), we will always look to pay any overdraft by these methods first, which incur a smaller fee than Courtesy Pay.

There are many benefits to you:

  • You won’t pay merchant returned check charges.
  • You won’t pay collection agency fees for returned items.
  • You avoid the embarrassment of items returned for insufficient funds.
  • You have the added measure of protecting your good credit rating.

We require no applications or additional signatures from you to add this service to your checking account. Courtesy Pay is simply a way for us to provide a higher level of service to our members by helping protect your account and reputation. You may opt-out of this service if you do not want it at any time.

2 We charge a fee per automatic debit or check withdrawal that uses Courtesy Pay on a checking account only. Courtesy Pay does not include coverage for any one-time debit card or ATM transaction. We will cover up to and not exceed $500 for overdrafts.  Members have 45 days to bring the account of the negative, after which it will be closed.

3 If a member has more than one checking account with us, only one checking account is available for this coverage. Members must choose which account to add this coverage to and sign an opt-out form for all other accounts.

Qwik Draft Bill Payer

Qwik Draft Bill Payer is our online and mobile Bill Payer service. You can use it to pay your one-time or recurring bills to save time and money. Qwik Draft is free to all members with a checking account. Any member that has been inactive for 90 days on Qwik Draft will be deactivated.  PAL Plus Online Account Access is required for this service.

Some vendors are available for eBill, which links your online vendor account with Bill Payer for easy access to your statements. Some additional features of bill payer are:

  • Set up one-time or recurring payments.
  • Pay a person by sending money via email, text or check.
  • Transfer money from WEPCO to another financial institution.
  • Send gifts or donations to a recipient.
  • See a topical view of the month and how your bills are scheduled.

If you would like assistance, we have a toll-free number or live chat option available. If you would like to try it out, we also offer a demo site.

WEPCO Mastercard Debit

The WEPCO Mastercard Debit is the convenient way to pay and is more secure than carrying cash. Each time you use your debit card, the funds are deducted from your checking account. Our debit card is accepted worldwide and comes with additional benefits:

  • Zero Liability – protects cardholders against unauthorized purchases on the card
  • Chip Technology – provides added security with EMV capability
  • ID Theft Protection – provides you with access to a number of Identity Theft resolutions services, should you believe you are a victim of Identity Fraud.
  • Airport Concierge – enjoy discounted airport meet and greet services
  • Extended Warranty – can double and duplicate the coverage on new products for a maximum of one year.
  • Price Protection – guarantees you receive the best price on new products purchased with your card

Apply for your WEPCO Debit Card

We have ATMs located at our offices in Bloomington, MD; Keyser, WV; Oakland, MD; LaVale, MD and Kingwood, WV. We are part of the Western Maryland ATM Connection, which means if you use ATMs at certain local credit unions, you will not be surcharged. Check which ATMs apply