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Phone: 301-359-3081

Toll-Free: 800-292-8139

Fax: 301-359-3683

PAL Telephone Access: 301-359-3970

Toll-Free: 877-WEPCOPAL or 877-937-2672


File a Mastercard Debit Card Claim

To file a claim, call 800-Mastercard:  800-627-8372, Debit Mastercard or en Español: 800-633-4466
Full Details on Mastercards enhanced benefits can be found here.

Reporting Lost, Stolen or Fraud on Cards

Please report immediately if your debit or credit card has been lost or stolen.

Debit Cards:  To report lost, stolen or fraud on your debit card, you may contact us during business hours.  After hours, please call 833-337-6075.

Credit Cards: Please call 800-558-3424.