Fee Schedule

We may charge the following fees associated with Your Account or Services. Fees are subject to change.

Current Fee Schedule as of August 1, 2020.

Basic Account Fees Fee
Account Balancing or Research $25.00 per hour
Share Certificate Early Withdrawal Maximum 180 days’ dividend
Bank Bag (Small) $5.00 each
Bank Bag (Large) $25.00 each
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal
Matures every October 1. Penalty for early withdrawal applies
Closed Account Before 90 Days of Opening $5.00
Courtesy Pay Fee $30.00 per item
Coin Machine (Self-Serve) FREE to Members
Coin Machine: Non-Member/Members not in good standing 20%
Debit Card Replacement $10.00
Deposited Item Returned $30.00 per item
Draft Copy (Available through PAL Plus at no cost) $5.00
Escheatment Fee $5.00
Fax Service $1.00 per page
Foreign ATM Fee $1.00 per Transaction
Garnishment Fee $45.00
Money Order $1.50
Money Market Excessive Withdrawal Fee $20.00
Non-Sufficient Fund Fee/Overdraft
(Paid/Returned – Check/ACH)
Notary FREE to Members
Official Check Printing per month
 - First Three (3)
 - Additional Official Checks (per item)

FREE to Members
Our ATMs and any ATM within the Western MD ATM Network FREE to Members
Overdraft Protection – Transfer from Savings $5.00
Photocopy per day
- First 10 pages
- Additional Copies

FREE to Members
$0.10 per page
Returned Mail $5.00 per item
Safe Deposit Boxes (Keyser & LaVale Only) $9.00 - $49.00 per year
     3 x 5 $9.00
     3 x 10 $20.00
     5 x 10 $34.00
     7 x 10 $49.00
     Drilling Fee for Lost Key Minimum of $250
Stop Payment $30.00 per item
Visa Gift Cards (Non-reloadable) $5.00
Wire Fees Fee
Outgoing Wire Transfers $25.00
Incoming Wire Transfers $25.00
Loan Fees * Fee
Carfax $20.00
Guaranteed Asset Protection - GAP $575.00
Late Fee (15 Days) 5% of Delinquent Amount
Mortgage Credit Report Based on whether an Individual or Joint Credit report was pulled
Mortgage Flood Certification $20.00
Skip A Pay Program Fee per loan $30.00

* Loans may be subject to additional fees, refer to loan documents.