Surcharge-free ATM Locations

Stop Paying All Those Fees!

WEPCO has seven ATM’s located at our Bloomington, Keyser, Oakland, LaVale, Kingwood, and Cumberland Branches.

ATM access is also provided at any Pulse or Mastercard ATM. Members can use our debit card at any of our ATM’s or any ATM’s in the Western Maryland ATM connection at no cost. However, any ATM used outside of the following will be charged a foreign ATM fee:


  • 204 N. Branch Ave., Bloomington, MD 21523

  • 12826 Garrett Hwy., Oakland, MD 21557

  • 459 New Creek Hwy., Keyser, WV 26726

  • 12511 Winchester Rd., LaVale, MD 21502

  • 202 W Main St., Kingwood, WV 26537

  • 215 Paca St., Cumberland, MD 21502

  • 1101 E. Oldtown Rd., Cumberland, MD 21502

Credit Unions belonging to the Western Maryland ATM Connection:

  • ACT 1st FCU
  • SECU (LaVale Only)
  • Romney FCU