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Dollar Dog Kids Club

We’re Making Saving Fun!
The Dollar Dog Kids Club. Learn more about the club.

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We feel that it’s never to early to teach kids to be financially responsible. With our Dollar Dog Kids Club®, teaching is fun and interactive, and learning is exciting!  This account is for kids ages 0-12* and must join WEPCO to become a member of the Dollar Dog Kids Club.

When a child joins the Dollar Dog Kids Club®, they will receive a personalized Club Membership Card and a Dollar Dog Saving Bank. There will be special events and contests at WEPCO, like our Annual Kids Day held in July.  The Dollar Dog Kids Clubhouse, an interactive website, is always open for learning, fun, and games.

Dollar Dog Member Benefits

Get “Punched” & Get Rewards! Every time you deposit $10 or more in your account,  we will punch your Dollar Dog Savings Card. Once you have accumulated 3, 5 or 10 punches, you can pick a prize from the Dog House.   

The Dollar Dog’s Clubhouse is open 24/7 for learning, fun and games.

Dollar Dog Member Extras!

  • An Official Membership Card
  • A Punch Card to Earn Great Prizes and Money!
  • Online Fun at the Dollar Dog’s Clubhouse
  • Prizes**
  • Contests
  • Celebrations
  • Special Events

Become a Dollar Dog Kids Club® Member TODAY!

Please check our Savings Rates to determine if a rate applies based on the balance in the account.   Dividends are determined by our board of directors, posted quarterly and are subject to change.

*Upon child’s thirteenth birthday, the Early Savers Account will be automatically converted into a Share Savings account.

**Direct deposits, electronic transfers and telephone transactions do not qualify for prizes.