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Our History

Established on April 24, 1950, the Credit Union was first named Local 676 UPA Federal Credit Union. The Credit Union began with 9 members, $37.50, and operated out of a one room office in the Westvaco Local 676 Union Hall on Main Street in Westernport, Maryland.

A milestone year for the Credit Union was 1963, when we amended our charter to change our name to WEPCO Federal Credit Union. WEPCO came from portions of West Virginia Pulp & Paper Company (Verso Corporation’s original name). During that same time period, construction of our first office building located at 90 West Main Street in Westernport, Maryland was completed. WEPCO continued to grow in both member services and size, out growing our Westernport location both inside and out. The building was small and the member parking very limited.

In 1978, we opened our newly constructed main office and current location on Maryland Route 135 in Bloomington, Maryland. This office expansion helped us better meet members’ financial needs and provide faster, more convenient service with our first ever drive-up window facility and ample parking. We continued to add services and staff with all of our new space.

In 1991, we opened our first branch office, located at 12826 Garrett Highway in Oakland, Maryland. With our new office location, we were able to serve members in the surrounding Oakland area. WEPCO was able to provide credit union services to individuals whom have never had access to a credit union in the past.

With the popularity of automated teller machines (ATM’s) and high demand of our membership, WEPCO Federal Credit Union added two ATM’s during 1997, located at each credit union offices, Bloomington and Oakland.

On December 8, 2000, WEPCO opened a second branch located on 459 New Creek Highway in Keyser, West Virginia. Our Keyser Branch offered safe deposit boxes in addition to the same services found at the other two locations.  The Keyser branch also has a drive-up ATM machine.

WEPCO added yet another ATM, on the basement level at Garrett County Memorial Hospital, 451 N. Fourth Street, in Oakland, Maryland. This ATM is accessible to the public and located near the cafeteria.

Due to high demand of the Oakland drive-up, WEPCO added a new separate drive-up facility at 130 N Fourth Street in Oakland, Maryland on February 6, 2006.  The drive-up was then closed at the Oakland branch.

On September 22, 2008, WEPCO opened another branch located at 12511 Winchester Road, LaVale, Maryland.  Our grand opening was held on Saturday, October 18, 2008 on site.  The LaVale branch is a full service, four-lane drive-up facility offering the same services found at the other three full service locations.

On April 28, 2014, WEPCO opened its newest branch located at 202 W Main Street, Kingwood, WV.  The Kingwood branch is provides just loan products and services.  The new facility has a full service ATM that will enable both withdrawal an deposit transactions free to all WEPCO members. 

Over the years, WEPCO Federal Credit Union has indeed grown quite a bit. However, we at WEPCO still uphold the credit union motto “Not for Profit, Not for Charity but for Service”. Even though WEPCO has grown to over $200 million in assets with more than 30,000 members, WEPCO Federal Credit Union still makes member service their first priority, and always will!