Senior Checking

For Seniors age 60 or older with Direct Deposit, WEPCO offers select checks FREE of charge!

To begin your share draft (checking) at WEPCO Federal Credit Union, a minimum deposit of $20.00 is required.   If a check order is being placed, the balance requirement may increase to suffiently cover the electronic payment (ACH) cost of the checks being ordered.  After the opening deposit and subsequent check order ACH debit (if applies), you CAN carry a zero (0) balance and no fee will apply.

The account must have a balance of $100 to earn dividends.  Dividends are posted quarterly and are subject to change. 

Unlimited number of checks per month can be written from this account as funds allow.  Cancelled checks are not returned to member.  However, copies of share drafts (checks) are available online through our FREE  PAL Plus online account acesss.  Converted checks which are checks that are processed as ACH transactions are not available online, but a copy can be requested if needed.   You may receive your statement by mail or through eStatements.  Both PAL Plus and eStatements are available to all members absolutely FREE for secure, fast and convenient access to your account(s) or statement(s) 24/7.

For a complete list of fees that may apply to a Share Draft Account, please click here.

With all the same benefits of our regular Share Draft Account.

Courtesy Pay
VISA Debit Card
Qwik Draft Bill Payer

Added Value Checking Account Option

WEPCO also offers to our members a valued added checking called Priority Checking.  With Priority Checking, our members have all the same features of our regular share draft account but with the following added features:

  • AD&D Insurance with an additonal coverage for Common Carrier
  • Travel Discount
  • Extended warranty
  • Prescription, Glasses and Contact Discounts
  • Shopper Assistance
  • Travel Planner Guidebooks
  • Card Protection

The cost for all these benefits are only  $2.50 a month for our members who are 50 or older.