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New WEPCO PAL Plus Mobile Feature!

We are adding a new feature to WEPCO PAL Plus Mobile – Member Transfer!

As of September 4, 2019, this new feature will be available and will allow you to transfer funds from your account at WEPCO to another members account or loan also at WEPCO as long as you know certain information.

If you are not set up for our Transfer to Any Account feature, please give us a call at 800-292-8139.  Once set up, just simply log onto WEPCO PAL Plus Mobile and click the three bars.  You then simply select Member Transfer to access this service! 

You will need to know and enter the following before you can transfer to another member:

1. First 3 letters of the last name or business name of the member funds are being transferred to.
2. The member number the funds are going to
3. The share or loan ID the funds will be applied to