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Issues with accessing Bill Pay for Safari Users!

Subscribers who have updated to the latest release of Safari are experiencing an inability to use the bill pay product.

The last Safari release defaulted browser settings do not allow third-party cookies or cross-site tracking.  In addition, after changing browser settings to allow cookies and cross-site tracking, Safari is not saving the updated browser settings causing frustration for subscribers when logging in to their next bill pay session.

Two temporary solutions:

  1. Change browser settings to allow third-party cookies and cross-site tracking each time when logging in to bill pay.
  2. Temporarily use another browser until the new Safari version is available.

Apple is releasing patches to resolve this issue:

  • Version 13.3 for iOS has been released and the issue is resolved.
  • Version 13.1 for MAC OS has been pre-released to beta users.  We have seen positive results, but do not have a date for general availability. 

Note: Subscribers should update to the latest version as soon as it is available.  This will also require you to set the browser settings to allow cookies and cross-site tracking after the update.  We know this has been an inconvenience to our members.  We will continue to test and provide updates on results and inform you when the new version for MAC OS is generally available.